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Questions regarding the DPH Photography Course

If you have a passion for photography, but never knew where to start, or just want to learn about the field of photography, this course is the perfect first step.

Curated by two professional photographers, you will learn in great detail all the the know-how and learn how to make breathtaking pictures with your camera.

This course was created to give you all the knowledge in an efficient manner, so that you can quickly go out there and use your newly acquired skills.

The DPH Photography Course is divided into 4 modules:

  1. Basics
  2. Preparing to Shoot
  3. Composition
  4. Shooting Styles


Each module contains video lessons explaining the topic in a quick to understand manner. Every explanation is supported by a visual presentation.

We have tested our online course with different browsers, such as Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Likewise we tested it on different end devices, such as laptop / PC or tablet and mobile. You can chose the way you want to learn, our course will be compatible.

You will be granted access to the course. You are free to start whenever you want and go through it at your very own tempo.

This course contains more than 2 hours of video lessons.

Sure! Every finished section is rewarded with a blue checkmark

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General Questions

DPH is the short form for Dronesperhour. Our company foundation is based on our love for images, videos and drones. 

We have clients like Audi, Siemens and Rolls Royce and already over 5000 people joined our German and since 2021 European Drone Class. The feedback from our students was overwhelming and they loved how we designed and structured the classes. 

That is why we decided in 2020 to create the best online class for photography lovers who will enjoy a very well designed online class. We spent over one year on this class and hope you enjoy it. We have a 30 days money back guarantee without any strings attached. So try this class. You will love it.

After years of teaching people how to operate drones and providing them with official certifications, we wanted to go further. Online teaching opens a whole new opportunity to learn and receive in depht knowledge on the topics you are interested in. We wanted to share this knowledge not just with the people around us, but with the entire world. 

The DPH Online School is part of the the Dronesperhour network, which also includes the DPH Drone School. Since 2017, the DPH Drone School teaches drone users and enthusiasts all the necessary knowledge to pass the remote pilot certificate of competency. Our drone school online course is the perfect ressource for people with the goal of competent drone flying. 

Most of the time, drones are used today to capture images and shoot videos from above, giving a totally new perspective to our pictures. We at Dronesperhour not only concentrate on teaching how to safely fly a drone, but also how to take beautiful photos at the same time. But why stop there?

Photography is an amzingly deep subject and inspiring a lot of people worldwide. We want to share this passion with you and decided to create this photography online course, accessible to everyone. For beginners and aspiring photographers, this course was put together by two full time photographers that use all the course tipps on a daily basis.

We offer access to our online courses so that you can learn wherever you are and whenever you want.

Our courses are perfectly curated, presenting you the most important aspects of the specific field the course is about. This way, you will spend your time efficiently learning about something new or deepening your understanding of certain topics. 

We currently only offer to pay in AU$. Please contact us if you want to pay in USD or EUR. We can also write an invoice and you pay with paypal or wire the money.

We currently offer payment via paypal or credit card. 

Please visit our sites if you wish to get more informations on the services we provide

We started as a pilot platform in 2016 and make image films for companies like Audi, Siemens or Rolls Royce as our main business and are also active in the tourism sector (Brenners Park Hotel, Hotel Deimann, Tourismus Marketing Niedersachsen, Bali, Kotor, Maldives).

We worked a lot with authorities and organizations with security tasks in the past. We have not only equipped countless fire departments with drones, but also trained them.

In the last two years we have been programming our own flight apps to facilitate the flying experiences. You can download our two iOS Apps and get a complete new experience: One Click Drone App and Your Flight App (available evrywhere outside the US)

With the One Click Drone App, flying over  construction sites has never been easier. If you send us your footage, we cut a time-lapse video for you, and it only costs a fraction of the traditional price.

With the Your Flight App, you can draw predetermined flight routes on your device and the drone will perfectly fly the coordinates you set up.

We also build drone cages for the Mavic 2 and DJI M200 and print custom designs for special payloads / instruments. We are always looking for partnerships for drone research and development.

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Questions regarding the Digital Seminar

Compared to the Online Course, during the Digital Seminar one of our lecturer will teach you all the knowledge in a one day seminar. The course is on average with 3-4 participants, so you continue to learn effectively. Intensive learning in a team, exchange with like-minded people and ask questions that are of burning interest to you, is still possible! The training takes place via Skype.

Immediately after the training, you will get the opportunity to pass the exam online, giving you the chance to receive your certificate in one day.

1. Valid proof of identity 

You need a valid proof of identity with photo (ID card, passport or driver’s license)

2. You must be at least 16 

Minors need a declaration of consent from their legal guardians.

3. Register at your National Aviation Agency

Please register at the National Aviation Agency of your country or region. You need to register to be able to complete the proof of competence (A1/A3) in your area. Please refer to this site containing a list of every Euopean Aviation Agency inside the EASA

4. Practical part
Please complete the declaration of successful completion of the practical self-study to obtain a remote pilot certificate for UAS in the open category, subcategory A. To find a declaration form, please contact your National Aviation Agency.

5. Complete the proof of competence exam A1/A3 in advance

Please complete the A1/A3 in advance at your National Aviation Agency. Expect to spend approximately 3-5 hours for: Study, mock exam and final exam. The exam can be repeated as often as necessary. The proof of competence has to be completed before taking the examination for the Remote Pilot Certificate and can only be taken at the National Aviation Agency of your presently residing country for now.

6. Sufficiently fast internet connection 

In order to ensure a good image transmission and to avoid interruptions of the exam, you need a stable and sufficiently fast internet connection of at least 2 MB/s (this corresponds to 16 Mbit/s).

7. Two cameras (e.g. webcam + cell phone)

In order to prevent cheating attempts, we are obliged to monitor your online exam with 2 cameras from different angles. For example, you can use a webcam and a separate cell phone camera.

The theoretical course usually starts at 10 am CET. Together we go through the script and prepare you optimally for the exam. If you have worked through the documents, which we will send you in advance by e-mail, you are optimally prepared for the exam! 

The exam will take place on the same day at around 16:30 CET. The training ends around 17:30 CET.

On average there are 3-5 participants, plus you! 

We currently have three lecturers. Jasper Heyden, the founder himself, or Christian Schäfer, with just as much expertise. New on board is Frank Brauer, whose knowledge is second to none! Either way, to quote one course participant, it will be “unforgettably good!

The practical part consists of a self-declaration.

Please complete the declaration of successful completion of the practical self-study to obtain a remote pilot certificate for UAS in the category Open, subcategory A2

You will find a form on the online site of your National Aviation Agency.

The exam is 100% theory.

However, regardless of this, we also offer practical flight training in Germany.

Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question, as it varies from season to season how many participants register.

Write me an email and we will find a timely appointment for you!

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Questions that only recognized drone pilots ask

We like your idea and therefore say: Yes! 

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Here you can find our offer for “practical flight training“. Have fun!

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We have open ears for criticism and suggestions for improvement! We want to constantly improve and are happy about your feedback.

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